Rapid fire book tag

I was tagged by the lovely LetsBookAboutIt. She’s a lover of books and games so if either of those things interest you, head on over!

So without further ado…

Tag Questions!

 E-Book or Physical Book?

I prefer physical books. I just like holding them in my hands and they’re so pretty! I tend to forget about the e-books on my kindle. I’m trying to get better at that because there is some amazing bargains! And a lot of indie authors publish in e-book format only. 

Paperback or Hardback?

I love paperbacks. Much easier to carry around. Although, I rage when I inevitably dent the cover.

Online or In-Store Book Shopping?

I love going in-store and browsing. It fills that well of satisfaction up for me of a purchase. You don’t get that buying online, (And you have WAIT. D:) There are some great bargains online though.

Trilogies or Series?

I would say I prefer series just from looking at my bookshelves. Big fan of HP, (Who isn’t?) And I love the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. 

Heroes or Villains?

Can I say Anti-hero? Either way, I prefer darker characters. But it really depends.

I’m not a fan of heroes who are little angst balls, completely, (and often instantly), in love with someone and they’re the most important thing, which is why they’re saving the world. It’s come to the point where if I get a whiff of love interest in a blurb, the book is going back on the shelf.

Wow…did not mean this to turn into a rant. (I want to say that if you love that, then that’s great! This is just my preference and there are always exceptions to this where I’ll ship my OTP with the rest of them!)

A book you want everyone to read?

Any book written (<-not a title) by Terry Pratchett.

I feel he’s such an amazing Author that people will be missing out on. He doesn’t write just humorous fantasy, (which would be fine if he did), but the character’s feel real. And some of them have made me look at the world a little diffrent on finishing them.

Recommend an underrated book?

Harry Pot- HAHAHA. Um. I’d say…The night circus by Erin Morgenstern. While it is pretty popular, I think it deserves a little more love. This was SO hard if it’d said underrated games, I could’ve answered easily.

The last book you finished?

Mudman by James A. Hunter. It’s an urban fantasy which, while not perfect, has one of the best and interesting, character’s I’ve read this year.

The Last Book You Bought?

I just bought these three books today. 


I was PROMISED there would be no romance so I’m pretty excited about it. Whether there’s potential romance in future remains to be seen. Have to read and see if I catch a whiff.


It’s so yellow. ;-; I love it. This has an incredibly interesting blurb that had me slobbering like a dog waiting for a treat.


I discovered this in Asda, while food shopping and, not gonna lie, I would’ve bought it for the gorgeous cover alone. (The prince is on the back, similar style.)

Weirdest Thing You’ve Used as a Bookmark?

My dog. If I’m desperate and need to do something quick. I lie it open on his back. Lazy thing doesn’t even twitch an ear. 

Used Books: Yes or No?

Absolutely. I love charity shop hunting for books. (Or buying online.) Give an old book a home. ;-;

Top Three Favourite Genres?

Mainly Fantasy and Sci fi, (including dystopian ect), and either thriller’s or children horror. Not adult. Too scary. ;-; Although, I NEED to try a Stephen King novel.

Borrow or Buy?

I prefer to buy. Or I’d borrow from the library if it’s a book I’m unsure about. I wouldn’t borrow from other people. (Not that I know many readers in IRL. ;-;) Because then I’d have to let them borrow from me and THAT’S NEVER HAPPENING! *Heavy breathing*

Characters or Plot?

Ouch, hmmm. I’d say plot at a push, but these things go hand in hand really. Can’t have a good plot without good characters, (or well written)

Long or Short Books?

Either or. As long as it needs to be. If the book is good then length doesn’t matter. But, if pushed, long books. 

Long or Short Chapters?

I’d rather have short. If I’m pausing in reading then I like to pause at the end of the page on a full stop or I’d forget my place on the page when I come back to it. D:

Name The First Three Books You Think Of…

Going postal by Terry Pratchett

Battle royale by Koushun Takami

The spook’s apprentice by Joseph Delaney

Books That Make You Laugh or Cry?

The wee free men by Terry Pratchett or just any of the Tiffany aching series. I don’t why, but, wow, I bawled with each of those books. 

Also, the first book that I remember making me cry? Harry potter and the order of the Pheonix by J. K. Rowling.

THAT DEATH. Right near the start, (I think?)

(Even though it’s been years since it was published I still don’t want to write spoilers!)  It was lunch time at junior school and I’m reading this book in the playground, when IT happened. People surrounded me in horror as I sobbed, snot and everything, guys.

Our World or Fictional Worlds?

I quite like a mixture. Judging from my bookshelves, I would say our world with a fantasy twist, but I’d say fictional at a push

Audiobooks: Yes or No?

I tried. I really want to like them, but I can’t connect the story that way. Super frustrating because I’d love to listen to a audio book while doing other stuff. -_-

Do You Ever Judge a Book by its Cover?

Of course. The cover is the first thing you see. I do my best to still read the blurb. But something pretty will catch my eye and make me more likely to pick it up and find out what it’s about.

Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptations?

Hm, I’ve only seen one or two movies that have been faithful to the book. (The Martian by Andy Weir’s movie adaption is excellent.) I think, TV, it could be done for longer and, hopefully, stay true to the subject media. 

I mean, why buy the rights and then make it nothing like the book or change things? You’re just going to make a generic film and anger the book lovers. (I’M LOOKING AT YOU SEVENTH SON, YOU PIECE OF TRASH!)

A Movie or TV-Show You Preferred to its Book?

I preferred the Coraline film to Neil Gaiman’s book. D:

Series or Standalone’s?

Series. If I love a book/characters then I want MOAR. More of the world, the character’s ect. If I loved it then I don’t think I could ever be happy with a standalone. I think there are many books that are perfect as standalone’s; doesn’t stop me wanting more. 


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20 facts about me tag

I was tagged by the wonderful @mybookjacket. Technically, I was tagged on instagram, but I’ve never quite got the hang of it so I figured I’d do it here! \o/

So, 20 facts about me…

  1. Despite how extroverted I seem online, I am the Queen of introverts.
  2. When reading I prefer third pov to first pov. (Although many of my favourite books are in first.)
  3. I’d choose Star trek over Star wars. (Love them both though!)
  4. To this day, the scariest film I have ever seen is Watership down.
  5. I am ginger and proud! \o/
  6. I like to crochet, but cannot knit to save the life of me.
  7. I love watching TV/films with the subtitles. I’m always sad if they’re not available.
  8. I love world cinema films.
  9. I am short sighted and wear, (a very snazzy green), pair of spectacles.
  10. I cannot read a book or watch a film with animals in it because I can’t handle them being hurt.
  11. My favourite Disney film growing up was The little Mermaid. I used to go swimming and pretend I was Mermaid, but not just any mermaid, a CAT mermaid.
  12. I used to swim for my town’s swimming club and won a few medals.
  13. I prefer cooler weather to warmer.
  14. I LOVE blankets. It doesn’t matter how hot it is, you can guarantee that I’ll have a blanket trailing behind me.
  15. My favourite colour is green. I always feel guilty though because I adored blue through my childhood and I feel like I’m cheating on it.
  16. My least liked colour is pink.
  17. I don’t like cake.
  18. I take my tea milky with two sugars. (Just in case you need to know.)
  19. I get crazy motion sickness, just sitting in a motionless car can set it off. Yet I never used to have it when I was young.
  20. I’m learning to play the piano and hopefully the violin
  21.  This was REALLY hard!

Thanks again to @mybookjacket for tagging me. I tag Nthato, Holly Evans and Rachel Poli. Feel free to ignore the tag if you don’t want to do it! 🙂

Hail, Caesar! film review

Note: All my reviews are spoiler free!


UK release date: 4/3/16

Runtime: 106 minutes

Directed by: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Starring: Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Alden Ehrenreich, Ralph Fiennes, Jonah Hill, Scarlett Johansson, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Channing Tatum

My thoughts summed up for this film: OK…what was the point of all this? What the heck was it about?

I’m not sure how to articulate my thoughts and feelings over this film. It was fascinating enough because it was different, but nothing happened.

A load of plot elements/conflicts are introduced and then resolved immediately or even off screen, giving a quick mention that it’s happened.

I think it was trying to be funny with the quickness of it, but failed. It just left me a little peeved.

I liked all the characters. I liked each of their individual story lines, but like everything in this film, not one thing happened. There was no point to them. It’s a major shame because all the actors gave such sold performances. There were bits that were great fun to watch, but had no follow through.

Maybe I’m missing the point. I’m aware it’s about Brolin’s character and him having to deal with the actors and showing old Hollywood, but…I don’t just give me something more!

It’s well made, if a little slow paced, and a strong cast of character who, unfortunately do not get enough love.

I really liked how it was a movie within a movie kind of thing. I enjoyed each different movie, but that’s it. I don’t think this is a film the average film goer will enjoy.

To sum up, It’s different, but that’s not enough, no plot, characters not given enough time

Was it worth the watch? No

Would I re-watch? No

Flames: Flame 3 grey

Weekly update

Usually I post these weekly updates much earlier, but I held off for a very specific reason which I’ll speak about at the end. (Hah! Now you have to stick around!) First, what I’m reading and watching this week.

But! Before that I’d like to inform you that I now have an Instagram account. It’s all @mybookjacket’s fault. There is absolutely nothing on it yet. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to use it really, considering I already have twitter and Goodreads.

For now I’m just following other accounts and seeing how they use theirs which is the main reason why I’m mentioning it. If you have an Instagram, ( or Goodreads or Twitter), please leave a link to them in the comments.

Now to books! \o/

I’m currently breaking my own bookish rule, and that rule is reading more than one book at once.

I’m reading The Sage, the Swordsman and the Scholars by Pierre Dimaculangan, (I have to copy and paste this every time. So long. :’D), and Rosemary and rue by Seanan McGuire.

Usually, I don’t do this. I am solidly a one book at a time person, but I’m reading The Sage book on the computer and I missed having a book while I was out and about. It is not a habit I’m going to get into though.

I’ll be reviewing The Sage, the Swordsman and the Scholars by Pierre Dimaculangan on Wednesday. It’s a historical fantasy set in China so if that’s something that interests you then be sure to watch out for that on Wednesday.

Some other books I hope to read this week:


I’ve also got a few books coming through the post. I swear if they don’t come tomorrow I’m going to open the front door and make my little dog’s dreams come true.

As for films!

This week, I plan on watching, The finest hours, The forest, London has fallen and Triple 9 so look out for reviews on them!

As for the mysterious piece of news that delayed this post. If you follow me on twitter, you may have at least an inkling as to what I’ve been up to.



I’ll be doing these occasionally if anyone likes doing sprints feel free to join in.


For a lot of book lovers, (not all), reading and writing go hand in hand. I’m one of those kind of bookworms. I have dreams of writing my own book(s).

Recently, I came across the Author Chris Fox. He’s currently doing a 21 day writing challenge and is vlogging his progress. I really recommend watching the videos. They’re brilliant. Here’s the link to the introduction. He’s currently on day 6.

Now, if you join up to the mailing list, you’ll get the template of how he outlined the novel he’s writing for the challenge. I used the same 3 act structure for plotting my own idea.

I also bought his book, 5,000 Words Per Hour: Write Faster, Write Smarter: Write Faster, Write Smarter by Chris Fox. It is fantastic and the method of writing described in it is perfect for me. I also went and downloaded his app to go with it. (The basic version is free.)

The reason I delayed this post was because I wanted to put the method into practice and see how it went. It’s only the first day, but it’s looking promising. Today, I wrote just over 3,500 words which, for me, is mindblowing. Regardless of the fact that I also haven’t wrote in a long while.

To put things into a little perspective, you know those stories how people who have wrote twenty odd thousand words and then abandoned their novel? I have NEVER EVEN got that far. I’ve always fallen at the very first hurdle.

I’m still learning to write. I’m aware that my writing is not very good and yes, I should suck it up and keep writing or else I’ll never get better, but writing is a very isolating hobby and you’re always your harshest critic. Still, I can keep whinging or be a little more disciplined.

I feel as if I’ve finally found a good method of planning and writing for me. So, I’m excited to carry on. I’m probably going to have a few more stumbles and scream into a pillow once or twice, (or a dozen), times, but I’m going to give it a good try.

Wow, things got deep. Ummm, why did the chicken cross the- No, wait forget that because one of you trolls will ask me why and I DON’T KNOW!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. What books have you read? What films have you watched? What words have written? Tell me everything! \o/

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Weekly update

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Full of great book and films. Mine certainly has been.

I watched Real steel, Maleficent and Cinderella, all which I enjoyed. Lots of other stuff that I may or may not have forgotten because I have an awful memory. Really, really awful.

Although, I haven’t had a chance to watch all the new films out in the cinema. Room, Goosebumps, Spotlight, Ride along 2… I’m definitely getting round to them this week!

Book reviews this week will be Pride and prejudice and zombies and The girl on the train. I’ve already read them and wrote up the reviews. Look at me getting things done ahead of time! I know I’m pretty shocked too.

Right now, I’m actually reading The death cure by James Dashner. I’ve been wanting to finish the last book in the trilogy for awhile. I didn’t like the first, but liked the second enough to want to read the third. There are reviews of the first two up on my blog.

So, I’m doing well schedule wise. Hoping to keep that up. I’m going to try and watch a bunch of movies and write the reviews up so I’m ahead on the movie schedule too.

Speaking on being all productive and such! I’ve been mulling over starting another blog. It has a similar premise to this one, sort of.

This blog is a spoiler free review blog and I’m very careful in my reviews to keep it that way. Of course, this means I can’t rant or gush about book and films as I can’t mention specific stuff because, you know, spoilers and stuff.

So, I’m considering the idea of a blog for ALL the spoils. A place where I can write posts where I can mention everything and anything from the books and films I read and watch.

I don’t want to do the layout as another review blog. I’m thinking more like discussion posts. It would definitely be a little more relaxed. Maybe even including other people’s opinions too. It’d be great to not have to be careful about what I put too.

I probably wouldn’t have a rigid schedule like this blog and the layout of posts would depend on how I want to write them.

As said, I’m considering it because I don’t want this blog to suffer for it. I’m confident I could manage both, but we’ll see…

Good idea? Or no?

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Weekly update

First off, I want to mention this book, A monster calls by Patrick Ness.

I’d already added this to my to read list, but Kelly @ Stellar Scrutiny demanded I read it immediately and I’m so glad she did! I highly recommend you read it. You can see my review of it here.

I also watched The big short and The fifth wave this week. (I read this one too). All of which you can find reviews of on my blog. Aren’t you a lucky, Cupcake?!

I’m also taking part in the Opinion battles you can find out more about it here. Tomorrow will be my first entry into the battles.

I have to select which film I consider to be the best picture winner. I was torn between two. One was Forrest Gump, but to find out my other choice you’ll have to check out moviereview101.com tomorrow or just follow Darren’s awesome blog!

Also, tomorrow happens, happens to be my birthday. Just sayin’. Not trying to coerce you into voting for my choice AT ALL.

Edit: For anyone who’s curious, I’m going to be 24. I look about sixteen as I’m one those people who has a baby face. I love when I’m ID’d and take great delight in informing them how old I actually am. Not that I get ID’d often because I don’t buy things that have an age restriction.

I’ll be reviewing Dirty Grandpa tomorrow. I’ve heard it’s pretty funny so I’m looking forward to it!

Other films I’ll be reviewing this week are Ride along 2, but first I need to watch Ride along! And some other films.

I want to watch Captain America: Winter soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Amazing Spiderman 2 because apparently the unofficial superhero thing we have going on is still going strong.

Some books I’m hoping to read in the next week or so is…

Pride and Prejudice and zombies by Seth Smith Grahame . The film’s being release early February so I want to have finished before then. I saw a trailer in the film and it looked pretty badass.

Another I’m looking forward to reading is The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins. I know for a fact my Dad’s bought me this for my birthday, because he’s awful at keeping secrets. It’s a running joke nowadays. I think I’d have been disappointed if he hadn’t dropped himself in it.

I’m also looking forward to All the birds in the sky by Jane Charlie Anders. A post apocalyptic novel that’ll be released on the 26th January. \o/

Also, mybookjacket @ books and strips and I have are planning to do a kind of book club together. We both have, and want to read, Battle royale by Koushun Takami.

We haven’t settled on when, but we’re thinking of reading a chapter a week and then starting a discussion on twitter or something.

If you’re interested you can leave a comment, send a pm on twitter or email for more details. (Not that there are many at the moment.)

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What books and/or films have you been reading and/or watching? Did you like them? Hate them?

Weekly update

Ah, tomorrow I’m finally going to see The revenant! I’ve heard so many good things about things about this film that it’s been agony to wait until I can get round to watching it. Let’s hope it holds up to my expectations.

I also want to watch The hateful eight and Room, but my local cinema isn’t playing them for some reason, but I will find a cinema that is! D:<

The unofficial super hero films will most likely continue for a little while longer as there are a few that I haven’t watched. I’m particularly looking forward to watching X-men: Days of the future past. I loved the previous one, you can read my review of it here, and am desperate to find out what happens.

I’m currently reading The 5th wave by Rick Yancey. The film is coming out this month so I wanted to read the book. I’ll be doing a review informing you if it’s worth reading. It’ll be interesting to see how book and film compare that’s for sure.

After that, A monster calls by Patrick Ness. I’ve heard amazing things about this book which is also coming out in cinema. I’ve already bought the book and I had a quick sneak peek and the illustrations inside are gorgeous. It’s a really beautiful book. I may or may not have rubbed it against my cheek.

I’ll be reading quite a few few books that have films coming out this year so you’ll be able to find out if the book’s worth reading before watching the movie! I feel like there’s loads of books being made into films this year so that’s going to be fun, (and on some of occasions probably painful.)

I want to thank everyone that liked and especially commented. I love talking and having discussions with people about books/ films. And also welcome to new followers! Thanks for taking interest in my blog and hope you continue to like it.

Weekly update

Ahhh, it’s been nice to settle back into the routine of my blog. Did I mention how much I missed it? I did? Oh well, you know what? I don’t care! I missed it sooo MUCH!

Ahem! So, I just got back from watching Star Wars: The force awakens. Amazing film. If you haven’t seen it yet, what is wrong with you?!

I watched it in 3D and I can confirm that I’m not a fan of 3D. It’s really distracting, instead of enhancing the film it takes away. I’m really glad I watched it in 2D first. I’ve come away with eye ache and a headache.

Anyway, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been watch lots of superhero films recently. I’ll be continuing in this vein, with a few others to mix it up. I’ve realized how incredibly excited I am for Deadpool to come out.

I mean, I was excited, but I didn’t realize how hyped up I was. I recently saw a trailer. I tend to avoid them because I worry about spoilers, but I was in the cinema and went in too early, so it was unavoidable. It was AMAZING! It looks like a brilliant film. I’m really hoping I’ve not set my hopes too high.

Now that I’ve finished fangirling over a film that comes out in FEBURARY, a whole MONTH away. Let’s get onto what’s happening this week.

For one, Creed will be out this week. Friday to be exact. I’ve heard good things from those who went to the unlimited screening so I’m expecting to be impressed.

You’ll be getting a review of The amazing spiderman on Monday to continue the unofficial superhero theme we’ve got going. I also plan to watch  In the heart of the sea at some point this week too.

As for books!

I’ll be reviewing The Spook’s Apprentice by Joseph Delaney and Never let me sleep by Jennifer Brozek. There’s also some new releases coming out soon that I plan to read.

If any of you are on my goodreads you’ll have noticed, (or not), that I’ve quite a few books that have films being released soon.

I plan to review them a few weeks before the films come out. Hopefully, they’re excellent and I can recommend you read them. A few of those books are:

The 5th wave by Rick Yancey – A young adult post apocalyptic novel. From the description it looks good, although I’m a little worried there’s going to be romance that is often found in young adult dystopian kinds of books.

Pride and prejudice and zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith  – I think it’s pretty self explanatory. 😉

The BFG by Roald Dahl – I adored Roald Dahl as a child and have fond memories of him so I can’t wait to re-read one. It’s been too long.

Through the looking glass by Lewis Carroll – I’ve read the first Alice in wonderland book and I liked it well enough that I want to read the second.

A monster calls by Patrick Ness – I’m not quite sure what this is about, but I’m really intrigued and expecting a complex story.

The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins – A psychological thriller. It has a fascinating plot that I’m looking forward to delving into.

Fantastic beasts and where to find them by JK Rowling – I haven’t read JK Rowling since the Harry Potter series and I haven’t read them since they came out.

The HP series is magical for me because reading is a solitary activity and yet each time one came out, it felt as if we were reading them together. I’m looking forward to coming back to the world.
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransome Riggs – The blurb for this book is amazing. I am so looking forward to reading this! Spooky paranormal history.

Well that’s all from me. Until next week! Hope you enjoy the reviews!



Siblinghood (sisterhood) of the world blog award

I was nominated by the fantabulous Raquel AKA rakioddbooks. A really fun blogger who’s super great to talk to!

The rules!!

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog in you post
2. Answer the questions the blogger who nominated you provided
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers
4. Create 10 new questions for your nominees to answer

1.Which do you prefer, Standalones or Series?

Well, judging from my book shelf, it seems I prefer series. I imagine a lot of people like series, getting to spend day after day with your favourite characters. *Sigh*
2.Which book do you wish had a movie or show adaptation?

Actually, one of my favourite books was made into a film recently. I say that, but literally the only thing the same was the names. It is the worst book to film adaption I have ever seen. I don’t even know why they put the Authors name on it.

So, I would like a good, faithful to the book adaption of The Spook’s apprentice by Joseph Delaney.
3.What’s your 2016 reading goal? (How many books, reading more from a certain genre or author etc)

I’d like to read at least 100 books in the year. There’s something satisfying about the number 100. I’d also like to read at least one new release a month. (Suggestions welcome!)

I’m still searching around for some challenges to do that would fit into the blog nicely. (Again, suggestions welcome.)

4.Which movie do you wish was based on a book?

Hmmm, errrmmm, maybe Mad Max. I watched Fury road this year and loved it. I know there are novelizations, which I haven’t read, but movie to book never seems to work very well.

Also, Krampus would’ve made a great Christmas horror book to read. And maybe The last Witch hunter might have been better as a book, (as long as Vin Diesel didn’t write it!)

5.Do you have any pets?

I do indeedy! I have a dog. He’s basically me in dog version. He’s my soul dog. I have two cats, neither like me and bully the dog.

I also have an army of fish. I’m slowly training them to help me take over the world!

Goldfish, guppies, platies and tetras. (Obviously the goldfish are in a different tank.) I would love some shrimp. The way they swim is hilariously cute!

6.Are you multilingual? Which languages can you speak?

Unfortunately not. 😦 I would love to learn a language, which I’m not sure. I have favourites, but I’m also the kind of person where I’d want to use a useful, practical one.

7.What’s a childhood food or drink that is no longer in production that you miss?

ZAPS! A toffee ice cream lolly. It is glorious. I think they’re still being made, but they’re like a collectors edition, impossible to find!
8.What are your favorite TV shows?

I don’t watch much TV. The only TV shows I liked were the Agatha Christie series.

I prefer documentaries or reality TV. I don’t mean things like big brother or X factor. Think more Ice road truckers reality TV.

I love animal/nature documentaries. Unless it’s sad ones like Vets or rescuing one. I can’t handle seeing animals in distress so I’d bawl like a baby, crawl under the covers and never, ever emerge again.

9.Which upcoming movie are you most excited about?

So many!! Deadpool, Suicide squad, Finding Dory, Star Trek: Beyond, Kung fu panda 3, Ghostbusters, Zoolander 2 and loads more that I can’t remember.

I think the ones I’m most excited about are Deadpool and Suicide squad though.

10.Which do you prefer, writing or blogging?

Ooh, wow, I’m going to have to say blogging. I like writing, but, for the most, part it can be a lonely endeavor and filled with a lot of doubt, (for me).

Blogging is very sociable and I finish and post a review each day so it doesn’t give me time to worry about how well I’ve written.

OK, I shall nominate….drum roll, please!

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Please don’t feel beholden to do the tags!

My questions!

  1. What would you consider the most important/significant book you’ve read and why?
  2. Do you have any pets? (I stole this off you Raquel, but I’m super nosy about this. Sorry!)
  3. Which was your favourite read of 2015?
  4. What genre do you most prefer to read?
  5. Which genre do you not prefer to read?
  6. What other hobbies do you enjoy?
  7. Which book do you like to recommend to people?
  8. Favourite film of 2015?
  9. What is your favourite dessert?
  10. How do you organize your books?