Top 5 Wednesday – Favourite Science fiction and fantasy books

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Usually I don’t join in on this, (Because I forget), but this week’s subject appealed to me so here we go! (Creator: Ginger reads Lainey. Host: Thoughts on tomes)

The Spook’s Apprentice by Joseph Delaney

A, (middle grade?), fantasy about a young boy who’s training to be the last spook, dealing with witches, boggarts ect.


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This is one of the few books that I re-read. My copy is now all yellowed at the pages. I love the simplicity of the writing. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the story.

(I’m very annoyed that they changed the book cover half way through. -_-) (P.S. Don’t watch the trash that is the so called movie.)

The Wee free men by Terry pratchett

About a nine year old girl who must deal with foul mouthed wee men and must save her baby brother from the Queen of fairies.


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This was a hard choice. I adore Terry Pratchett’s novel and I struggled to decide which to put here. I chose this one because this, and it’s sequels, affected me so strongly. They are very important books to me and I would probably recommend this book to people if they’ve not read Terry Pratchett before. (Your poor souls.)

Rosemary and rue by Seanan McGuire 

This first book in an urban fantasy series. Toby is a changling, half changling, half human and all badass. A friend is murdered and she has to figure out what happened or she’ll die.


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This was actually my first foray into urban fantasy and, omg, I loved it. I loved the main character and just how its set up because within the first few pages you know you’re going to read the next book. And there was great care in explaining all the different fay and rules, especially for someone who hasn’t delved into UF before.

Darklord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones

Set in a fantasy world which is ruled by someone from a world like ours and they must put on pilgrims, which are basically like a trope fantasy world. (How terrible am I at explaining plots?)


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I remember finding this book in the library and I devoured it within a few days. I was completely enchanted and it was on of my first fully fantasy reads. The wide array of magical creatures are so clever and just the unique plot itself.

I am legend by Richard Matheson

The last living man in a world full of vampires.


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This choice actually surprised me. I gave this an average rating. I liked it, but I wouldn’t have called it a favourite. Apparently, it’s one of those that grows on you.

Most will know of the movie, which I like too, but it completely misses the message. The ending of this book is powerful. One of the greatest ending I’ve ever read.

Alright! This was fun! Apparently, I love fantasy more than sci fi, though it may be I’ve just read more fantasy. I may have to join in more of these. Obviously, I left off Harry Potter and LOTR because, they’re a given really.

How about you? What’s your top 5 fantasy/sci fi? Or have you done a post? Link it to me!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite bookish accounts to follow!

This is a weekly meme created by The broke and the bookish!

I couldn’t resist joining in on this week’s top ten Tuesday. I love reading everyone else’s, but, for some reason, have never taken part in them. UNTIL NOW!

Because sharing some of my fave bookish people I follow? Um, yes please! It was hard to narrow it down to ten though! SO! In no particular order:


  1. Fiona Dunn

Fiona never fails to make me laugh. She has a great sense of humour and even has a laugh at her own expense.

2. Peruse Project

Another youtuber that makes me smile. (The way to my heart is via my funny bone apparently.) And those spectacular spectacles! #jealous

3. Thoughts on tomes

I’ll watch any video by this amazing booktuber even if I know I that the particular books she’s talking about don’t interest me at all. She has such a love for books and I love seeing her reactions to watch she’s read.

4. Ginger reads Lainey

I don’t know what it is, but I always feel so chilled out while listening Lainey. She speaks with such an even voice. She’s also the founder of the top 5 wednesday book meme. (And just look at that glorious hair colour!)


5. Paper fury 

Cait has me in awe by her amazingness. Totes a word.She has a seriously fantastic blog, but I’m mentioning twitter because her tweets are so epic. She’s been tweeting snippets of her Camp NaNoWriMo project and I fangirl when I read each one. I want to give her my soul.

6. Bee

I’m telling you right now that Bee is psychic. I don’t know how, but she always knows when I’m not doing what I should be doing. She also has a fantastic blog you should check out!


7. Holly Evans @ chaosfoxwriting

While Holly’s blog is predominately writing, she does do the occasional book recommendation post. I understand why she does them rarely because they’re are so amazing that we’d all faint from the sheer number of amazing book choices. I was a noob to urban fantasy and Holly recommended a series and, well, I almost didn’t write the review because I was too busy staring adoringly at the book.

8. My book jacket @Books and strips

Vicky and I met through our desire to read Battle royale and a great friendship has been born. Vicky often recommends fascinating sounding books to me. Books I’d have never have known about it. I’m grateful, my tbr list is not. She often blogs about Indian books, (as well as others), and I’ve already added plenty to the list!

9. Jolien @ The fictional reader

I love reading Jolien’s book reviews. Her blog is one of my favourite for books reviews. The effort she puts into them is obvious, but what I also love is the little snippets into other parts of her life too.

10. Lauren @ Seriesous book reviews

I love this blog because it reviews series book all together and there’s a variety of genres. They’re not reviewed one at a time, she reviews them as a whole so you can find out if the series is worth reading from the get go. (There’s standalone book reviews too!)

Woo! This was great fun and I’m sure you’ll all love these bookish people. I know I do! If you have some favourites then, please, share in the comments below. You can never be following too many bookish people!