E-book haul!

Ah…Amazon you lured me in with your bargains and, of course, I couldn’t resist. Buuuuut, everything cost me under £1.20! 😀 😀

Most of them I got in the half terms bargains, but one or two were recommendations, along with 1 pre-order.

Well, let’s get started! \o/

1. Stolen ink by Holly Evans – This was a pre-order for the small price of 99p! It’s urban fantasy and I’m really interested in discovering what exactly a tattoo magician is!

Stolen Ink (Ink Born Book 1) by [Evans, Holly]

Goodreads / Amazon UK

2. Wool by Hugh Howey, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Jimmy Broxton – I got this in the sale. It’s a dystopian graphic novel. Apparently, it’s also a novel, but I’ve not read it. Perhaps, I’ll pick it up if enjoy this.

Wool: The Graphic Novel by [Howey, Hugh, Palmiotti, Jimmy, Gray, Justin]

Goodreads / Amazon UK

3. The Person Controller by David Baddiel – Another sale buy. I’d seen this in the bookshop, but never picked it up. I’d say it’s children, fantasy genre. Looks super cool.

The Person Controller by [Baddiel, David]

Goodreads / Amazon UK

4. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – Ah, this is a rare beast. I don’t tend to be interested in this type of book, particularly not the romance that will most likely happen, but I think many book lovers on social media will read the blurb and think, must read!

Fangirl: Special Edition by [Rowell, Rainbow]

Goodreads / Amazon UK

5. Rotters by Carl R. Cart – Another sale buy. I grabbed this because it’s apocalyptic and that is my weakness. Otherwise, I’m not sure I would’ve got it. This book cover is a bit meh. However, the goodreads one is a bit better.

Rotters: A Zombie Novel by [Cart, Carl R.]

Goodreads / Amazon UK

6. Little dead man by Jake Bible– Another apocalyptic one, (get ready for a few of these). This…has a really out there synopsis. This book will either go really right or really…really wrong.

Little Dead Man by [Bible, Jake]

Goodreads / Amazon UK

7. Threshold by Jeff Olah – Another apocalyptic one in the sale. I’m very excited to read this one.

The Dead Years - THRESHOLD - Book 1 (A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller) by [Olah, Jeff]

Goodreads / Amazon UK

 8. Awakening by Jeff Olah – I actually didn’t notice these were by the same author. I saw post apocalyptic and that was enough for me. I really like the cover for this one.

The Last Outbreak - AWAKENING - Book 1 (A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller) by [Olah, Jeff]

Goodreads / Amazon UK

9. Howl’s moving castle by Diana Wynne Jones – I love this book and I love the movie too. I actually own a physical copy, but, hey, for 99p, why not?

Howl's Moving Castle by [Jones, Diana Wynne]

Goodreads / Amazon UK

10. Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell – The cover looks awesome! Looks like its going to be a spooky read.

Frozen Charlotte (Red Eye) by [Bell, Alex]

Goodreads / Amazon UK

Last two, I promise!

OK, next two were brought to my attention by other bloggers and this is the part I admit I lied. Not all the books cost me under £1.20. The next two were under £2.00.

I know, such an ungodly amount. I can hear your gasps of shocks from here, but it isn’t my fault! I shall inform you whose it was!

11. The wizard’s gambit by Kylie Betzner – This seems to be a comedic fantasy, which if anyone knows my love of Terry Pratchett, will know this is right up my street. This buy is all Holly Evans’ fault. She happened to tweet about the 2nd book and it caught my interest. Bad Holly.

The Wizard's Gambit (The Six-Er-Seven Kingdoms Book 1) by [Betzner, Kylie]

Goodreads / Amazon UK

12. The castoffs #1 by Brian Smith, MK Reed and Molly Ostertag – A graphic novel, (comic?), that I discovered through mybookjacket, (and several others books, but I’ve resisted…for now.) So, yeah, it’s Vicky’s fault. Bad Vicky.

The Castoffs #1 by [Smith, Brian, Reed, MK]

Goodreads / Amazon UK

Alright, that’s it! A crazy amount, I know, but it didn’t cost me much in total. I’m really excited to get stuck into all of them.

Have you gotten any bargains lately? Any of these books interest you?

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Weekly update

What I read last week

Mudman by James A. Hunter


By far my favourite thing about this book is the main character, Levi. Has to be one of my favourite character’s of the year. 4/6

Usually, I read at least two books a week, but, wow, I’ve had a slumpy week. I’ve not wanted to read anything. I think it’s going around. Many of my bookish friends online seem to be in slump mode! :/

So, things I do to get out of a slump:

(There are many ways to get out of a slump, but here’s a few that work for me.)

  • Go for a walk/ exercise.

Sometime being cooped up without moving makes me feel crappy. A short walk in the fresh air does wonders and I come back motivated, whether that’s to read or other stuff!

  • Re-read an old favourite/ An ‘easy’ read

Some books are knife wielding serial killers who stab you right in the feels. When I’m in a slump, this is not generally the kind of book I want to read. I want something that uses simple language and tells a light tale. Diana Wynne Jones and Terry Pratchett are those kind of author’s for me. Fun, fantasy tales. (Although, TP can lay on the angst. ;-;)

Manga’s/graphic novels are great for this too!

  • Push through it

Sometimes, if I know that the reason I’m not enjoying a book is because of a slump and not because it sucks, I push through it. Many times, I eventually settle into the story and it can pull me out of the slump.

  • Do something else creative

Sometimes I feel the need to be creative myself rather than burying myself in someone else’s wonderful creativity. 

  • Go on twitter and see how excited other bookish peeps are

Excitement is contagious. Often I discover books through people talking about them, (or talking about books I want to read.) It makes me want to read and fangirl about them!

  • Buy a new precious!

Not exactly cost effective, but occasionally just buying a new book that’s caught my eye, which I immediately begin reading and devouring is a great cure for a slump! You can always go bargain hunting in charity shops for books too! 

Hope these help for anyone in a slump. If you do something else when in a slump then let me know! 

What I’m reading this week

I have started, and would like to finish these two books: 


A sci fi, dystopian novella. A discovered this by reading this book review. It’s also christian fiction, something I’ve not delved into before, so it’ll be interesting to see a dystopian twist on that.


A middle-grade, fantasy, horror WHICH HAS A WESTIE IN IT! *Ahem* I’ve read the first chapter or two and I’m hooked so far. (Also that book cover is gorgeous!!)

I also plan to read:


That’s Charming is a whimsical fantasy/adventure novel with sprinklings of humour for a middle grade audience which was shortlisted for the 2012 Guardian/Hot Key Books Young Writers Prize.

This is written by fellow blogger, Heather Lawson. You can find more about the book at its own blog here(you can read the first chapter free here!)and here. (Super gorgeous art on there. Check it out.)

So far, I’ve read the first two chapters and cannot wait to get my hands on the rest! Those two chapters, have helped immensely to end my book slump. 

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Weekly update

Well, we’re finally back into a routine! Those couple of weeks without blogging were rough. D’:

I’ll be reading in between watching the Olympics, because I LOVE the Olympics. One of my favourite sporting events. I particularly like watching, Swimming, Athletics, Handball, Rugby and…everything else. 

How about all of you? 

I feel like their should be an Olympic inspired reading challenge/readathon. If only I’d thought about this a while ago. -_-

I’d also like to mention this post by Holly Evans. It’s basically a link to a TON of Science fiction, Dystopian, Post apocalyptic, Fantasy, Horror…all that jazz of ebooks. Depending where you live the majority are free or 99p. I believe today is the last day of the promotion so DON’T DILLY DALLY! I ‘purchased’ around 23 books off the list.

What I read last week

The red Queen by Christina Henry


This was a disappointment. I’m still sad about it. The ending was just… wah?! 3/6

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury


I found this a tricky one to rate because, while the plot wasn’t up to scratch, the books message really spoke to me. 5/6

What I’m reading this week

I have no idea. Usually I have a sense of what I want to read, but honestly? Until I pluck a book off my shelf I have no clue at the minute. 

I WANT to read The Cursed child, but I also want to read the series again and THEN that one. Because I’m difficult like that. I’m there’s loads of other people doing that or they were probably more organized and read the series before it came out…Goody two shoes. 

What I can tell you is I’m feeling in a very zombie mood. So maybe some post-apocalyptic fiction or Dystopian may be coming up this week. 

After all, I still have this book, waiting to be read, on my shelf:

15839976 (1).jpg

Buuuut, I also want to read this because I HEARD THERE WAS NO ROMANCE!! :O :O :O And Schwab is also on my ‘Author to try’ list.


I may end up rooting through all those free e-books I got. Who knows? Have you got some good reads planned? What are you reading now?

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Weekly update

I HAVE SOME SUPER COOL NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU…that I’ll tell you ALL about at the end of this post.

Am I evil for making you wait? Yes. Do I care? No. MWHAHAHAHAHA!


Hello everyone! Hope you had a great week and weekend. Read some great books! Before I start off my update for last week.

I read some good books this week. There was Oink! My life with mini pigs by Matt Whyman which is basically what the title says. A fun, non-fiction read.

I also read, Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children by Ransom Riggs. I’d been meaning to read this book for awhile now. It surprised me!

I’m now reading This is not a test by Courtney Summers. I’m not far into it, but the prologue blew me away. If the rest of the books like that then I’m probably going to enter fangirl mode. Thanks to @Kat_thebooknerd for recommending it!

This week I also want to read Earth abides by George R Stewart. It’s apocalyptic and part of the SF masterworks collection which I’m working my way through.

I definitely plan on reading The last star by Rick Yancey which comes out on the 26th. I cannot wait to find out how it all ends even if the second book disappointed me. D:

It’ll also answer the question to whether the entire series is worth reading. Would people like if I did a separate post discussing that point? I will, of course, be doing the usual spoiler free review.

OK, now for the exciting, mysterious news. Over the last month two of my bookish buddies, Nthato and Vicky, have been planning out a new blog that we’ll be running together.

It’s name is….

Read them first. (ISN’T IT FANTASTIC?!)

What’s Read them first about?

It is going to be a book news site. We’ll be letting you know about new releases, book cover reveals and much more. It is not a review site. It is a place to discover soon to be released book. We’ll do the occasional recommendation if it’s a book one of us is excited about. You can find out more about it here. We’re starting off small and simple and hoping to grow the blog from there.

When will it be live?

It’s technically live now, but is still in construction. We plan to be blogging from June the 1st.


If you know of a book that is going to be released from June onward then let us know about it! If you’re an Author with a book coming out and you’re not already on the list then please, get in contact with us so we can add you! I’d appreciate anyone sharing this post and letting people know about it. 😀

If you’re excited about this kind of blog then head over there and click that follow button so you don’t miss anything!



Weekly update


You have no idea how much I’ve missed blogging. I’m glad the break is over!

I hope everyone had a good year and, if not, you have whole new year to do so! Let’s do it!

Wow, 2015 is the year I started this blog and, I’ll admit, a whim.

I’ve watched some good films. I’ve watched some bad films. I’ve read some good books. I’ve read some bad books. But, most importantly, I’ve met some amazing people through this blog.

The blog has already been updated for the year. Although, I’ll be adding more books and films to my to watch lists as I progress. Go check them out! They’re under the book and film headings.

You’ll also find that I’ve finally made a read page where you’ll find all my book reviews. (There’s also a Watched page too.)

I’m excited for this year. I have a few goals/resolutions for it which I’ll tell you all about.

My absolute most important resolution of the year is: To not leave everything to last minute. This is one of my worst habits and something I really want to change.

I’m taking part in the Goodreads challenge and have a goal of 100 books. A nice round number, but everyone knows we all pick a lower number so we can overachieve. 

I’m hoping to read a lot more new release this year round. Particularly from indie authors. If you have suggestions than please send them my way. You can check out the review policy under the books heading.

I’m a fan of Fantasy, horror, sci fi, Dystopian mainly, but any book that looks interesting or you think is good is welcome. The only genre I don’t read is romance. It isn’t to my taste. I don’t mind if books have some in, but not if it’s a major part of the plot.

Those looking for people to review their books are welcome to approach by email, which can be found under the book section here, but please keep in mind what I mentioned above.

On the subject of books, last year, I made a point to finish each book I read even if I wasn’t enjoying it. I’m not doing that this year.

There’s nothing that zaps your desire to read more than a book you’re not enjoying. I’ll try my best, but if it’s not working then you’ll be getting a DNF review.

Another side goal is I want to write every day. The amount doesn’t really matter, but I want to get into a consistent habit of writing. You won’t hear much about this goal on here, but I’ll probably mention it on twitter.

What are your goals for the year?

I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine and hearing from you all again. Here’s to an amazing 2016!







Fingerface film review

UK release date: 1/12/15

Runtime: 88 minutes

Directed by: Andrew Dawson

Starring: Andrew Dawson

Andrew Dawson emailed and asked if I’d like to watch and review his film Fingerface. I decided I did so here we go!

(P.S. He attempted to bribe me with chocolate, but I declined because I’m loyal to you, dear followers. And he’d already eaten it.)

I thought I wasn’t going to like this film. I’m used to watching big money productions. I’ve never hunted down indie films like I would indie books. And that is a big mistake.

The film moves smoothly from scene to scene and is very professional looking. (No shaky camera!) The settings were fantastic and I really enjoyed them. I thought they were well drawn and fit well with an array of props.


Finger 1 who played Giles was an excellent lead, but I think my favourite character was Harry. That’s right all the ‘actors’ are fingers.


I know, when I first discovered this, it was part of my hesitance for watching it, but trust me; Dawson does a good job with each part as he manages to make each one a real character that you forget that they are basically fingers with faces drawn on them. Dawson manages to inject a lot of humour throughout the film.

I genuinely became invested in the characters and halfway through realized I really hated one character in particular, (one you’re supposed to hate), and this character was a finger with a face. . .

The sound effects were great and not too over the top. Except for the kissing, particularly the snogging, I really didn’t like it the noises for that.

The story itself is quite predictable and I figured out what was happening quite quickly, but there are a lot of twists and turns and the ending is different to what I expected.

It felt a little long, but that could be because I’m used to big budget movies with lots of effects. The fact that this is made entirely by one person is awe inspiring.

Fingerface will be released as VOD on 1 December 2015. You can watch the trailer or pre-order the film at https://www.reelhouse.org/andrewdawson/fingerface/

To sum up, a little long, humorous, great actor(s), fun scenery, predictable plot

Was it worth the watch? Yes

Would I re-watch? No

Stars: 4/6