Book haul!


A sneak peak, or not so sneak, of reviews you’ll be seeing soon on the blog! They are on my to read list after all.

First of all, the only three novels in this haul. These are the 3rd, 4th and 5th book in the Rosemary and Rue urban fantasy series. I LOVED the first two books so finally getting my hands on these is a time for awful, excited dancing.

Once again, I’m thankful to Holly Evans, who has an amazing blog, for introducing them to me.

An artificial night, Late eclipses, One salt sea by Seanan McGuire


Just look how pretty this cover is. I think it’s my favourite in the series so far!


Now to the mangas!

Bunny drop vol 1 by Yumi Unita


This is about a 30 year old manchild who, after the death of his Grandfather, takes on his Grandfather’s lovechild.

It’s a really sweet manga. Although what do I know? I’ve only read volume 1. It could be murder and mayhem from hereon. And the cover is gorgeous. I may or may not have stroked it against my cheek a couple of times.

One piece 7, 8, 9 by Eiichito Oda


I discovered this through the anime, though I didn’t watch much of it because I wanted to read the manga. I already have the first two 3 in 1 volumes which I’ll be doing a re-read of.

This is basically about pirates who gain powers by eating a fruit, the name of which I’ve forgotten. Octopus has great hopes of becoming a pirate one day too.

Naruto vol 1, 2, 3 by Masashi Kishimoto


Seriously, all these gorgeous covers! This is one of the first manga’s I’ll be reading where I haven’t discovered it through watching the anime. I’m pretty even non-manga readers will have heard of Naruto.

Death note vol 1, 2 by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata


Another one that will be completely new to me. Apparently this has notebooks in it, which was enough to get my attention because they are my addiction. But these so called notebooks also kill people? ha ha ha…MWHAHAHA!


Look at those pretty black page edges. ❤ ❤ ❤

Alright and that concludes the book haul. Can’t wait to get reading! \o/ I plan on doing a manga vs anime post series, but I want to get further into my chosen manga’s first.

All the crocheted items in the pictures can be found on my other blog or my etsy.

What books have you bought recently? Read any of these? Going to?

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Weekly update

What did I read last week?

I read…(I have such an awful memory. I had to go back and look on my blog to see what I’d read.)

I really enjoyed this novel. It’s contemporary, not a genre I delve into too much. I really recommend it. 5/6

This is the second book in an urban fantasy series. I enjoyed it, although not as much as the first, and can’t wait to read the third. 4/6

What am I reading this week?

I’m taking part in a readathon, a readalong and I’m also part of a monthly book club so I have a lot of planned books to read. Usually, I choose as the mood strikes me.  

I’ll be starting off with, The night circus by Erin Morgernstern. I’ve read the first few pages and I can already see why people gush about this book. 

Then, A game of thrones by George R. R. Martin. This is a book I’ve always wanted to read because the series is so popular and just seems really amazing, but I kept putting it off. Not gonna lie, kinda intimidated. Not only is it over 800 pages long, but it seems like it’s going to be very complex. 

I’m also hankering to read The fireman by Joe Hill, but it’s unlikely I’ll fit that in this week. It’ll probably be next week. (Did I tell you that I won one the Camp Wyndham t-shirts? BECAUSE I DID!!)

In other news, I’m considering trying out audio books. I haven’t really given them a fair go. I’ve always loved holding a book in my hands and reading with my eyeballs. But, I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting which means my hands aren’t free so…yeah. 

I’m not sure whether to start with a re-read or just dive straight in the deep end with a new read, maybe A game of thrones? What do you think?

Have a great week!


20 facts about me tag

I was tagged by the wonderful @mybookjacket. Technically, I was tagged on instagram, but I’ve never quite got the hang of it so I figured I’d do it here! \o/

So, 20 facts about me…

  1. Despite how extroverted I seem online, I am the Queen of introverts.
  2. When reading I prefer third pov to first pov. (Although many of my favourite books are in first.)
  3. I’d choose Star trek over Star wars. (Love them both though!)
  4. To this day, the scariest film I have ever seen is Watership down.
  5. I am ginger and proud! \o/
  6. I like to crochet, but cannot knit to save the life of me.
  7. I love watching TV/films with the subtitles. I’m always sad if they’re not available.
  8. I love world cinema films.
  9. I am short sighted and wear, (a very snazzy green), pair of spectacles.
  10. I cannot read a book or watch a film with animals in it because I can’t handle them being hurt.
  11. My favourite Disney film growing up was The little Mermaid. I used to go swimming and pretend I was Mermaid, but not just any mermaid, a CAT mermaid.
  12. I used to swim for my town’s swimming club and won a few medals.
  13. I prefer cooler weather to warmer.
  14. I LOVE blankets. It doesn’t matter how hot it is, you can guarantee that I’ll have a blanket trailing behind me.
  15. My favourite colour is green. I always feel guilty though because I adored blue through my childhood and I feel like I’m cheating on it.
  16. My least liked colour is pink.
  17. I don’t like cake.
  18. I take my tea milky with two sugars. (Just in case you need to know.)
  19. I get crazy motion sickness, just sitting in a motionless car can set it off. Yet I never used to have it when I was young.
  20. I’m learning to play the piano and hopefully the violin
  21.  This was REALLY hard!

Thanks again to @mybookjacket for tagging me. I tag Nthato, Holly Evans and Rachel Poli. Feel free to ignore the tag if you don’t want to do it! 🙂