Pokemon X.Y Vol 1, 2 by Hidenori Kusak and Satoshi Yamamoto manga review


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Volume 1 

Art: Very good and clean. I like the shading used and the boxes aren’t all squished.

I bought these because they’re Pokemon and fully admit, I may not have bought them otherwise. The reason? They are very skinny. 96 pages skinny.

“How are they going to give me a good story when they’re so short?” I asked myself.

Very well is the answer.

I really like the introduction and premise of the set up and I like the group of characters and just the fact that it is a group, rather than one main character is fun. Despite only being 96 pages, it didn’t feel too rushed. (I’d still want more though. #greedy.)

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Volume 2

Art: Still as lovely as the first volume. The pages feel rough though, but that’s just a me thing.

This book completes setting the scene, who our bad guys are ect. Again, love the group of main characters we have. A really diverse set of characters. So many questions to answer and exciting things to happen.

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I was genuinely surprised by how good these volumes are. Mainly because of how few pages each book is. The story moved very smoothly and I’m looking forward to the next one!

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Bunny drop Vol 3 & 4 by Yumi Unita manga review

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Volume 3


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Art: Still as pretty as ever, perhaps even more pretty. I love the extra shading on certain pages.

The cuteness and awww factor was cranked up a few notches because I found myself grinning like a loon and going aw a lot.

Daikichi Kawachi is growing so much as a character and I love it. A few more minor cast characters are introduced into this one and I love them to pieces. It really makes the story well rounded.

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Volume 4


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Art: Excellent as always. Love the backgrounds.

Daikichi Kawachi why you so adorable?! All these reviews are just going to me babbling how much I love them. I’m so sad there’s only 10 volumes. ;-;

I can’t wait to see what happens next, I feel in the next couple we’re due some major plot shenanigans.

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Hopefully, the next plot event will happen in the next volumes. I loved these two just as they are, but it’s only 6 volumes until the end, so I also want closure on plot aspects.

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The Castoffs 1, 2, 3 by MK Reed, Brian Smith and Molly Ostertag comic review

Issue #1

The Castoffs #1

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Art: The art is so pretty! I love the colour style, just the style in general! The world looks so interesting and the characters themselves look unique.

The intro to this comic is excellent. I was immediately intrigued. It did very well with introducing characters and the world without making it overwhelming.

I found this volume quite short, perhaps this is because I’ve not read comics before? So this may be a normal length.

It did, however, do its job. As soon as I finished it, I was scrambling to get the next one because it had me hooked.

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Issue 2

The Castoffs #2

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Art: Still loving the colour pallet, lots of warm oranges and yellows that suit it  very well.

The comic’s moving smoothly. A little disappointed by how quickly the cliffhanger from the previous comic was resolved, but I love what happened. (Haha, is the vagueness killing you?!)

I feel as if it ended too soon again. I finish it within 20 minutes easy. This may be normal for comics. I am used to mangas which are longer and, of course, novels.

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Issue 3

The Castoffs #3

Comixology UK / Amazon UK

Art: I really love how uncluttered the art boxes are. The artist knows what they’re doing. I’m never confused as to which box is next, (and believe me, this has happened to me a lot.)

I like the characters so far and plot line is interesting, this particular arc is very recognizable, but still fun in this world. I feel like the climax of this part will come to head in the next volume.

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Right now, there only seems to be 3 issues available, but I will be continuing this comic once there’s more. (Hopefully there’s more because the last issue released December 2016.)

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Man of steel film review

download (8)UK release date: 14/6/13

Runtime: 143 minutes

Directed by: Zack Snyder

Starring: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer, Christopher Meloni, Russell Crowe

Note: This film is available on Now TV at the time of this review!

Considering the amount of modern superhero films I’ve seen, and loved, recently, I was expecting this film to be another excellent example of this.

It was not.

Besides the last forty odd minutes which were pretty fantastic, I was pretty bored and rolled my eyes on occasion at its cheesy, dramatics. The fact that it’s well made and really good looking makes this film even more disappointing.

There’s only one thing for it. We need a LIST!!

1.The origin/backstory took so long! And was pretty boring and pointless. Could we get to the action please?!

2. Seriously, they dawdle round, giving us pointless info that we already know before the action finally kicks ABOUT AN HOUR LATER!

3. The constant, over dramatic music drove me insane. It NEVER stopped!

4. They drew out scenes too much with way too many long dramatic poses.

5. The sequences of events is given in a weird disjointed way and ruins what it was trying to do, which was give us backstory and characterization.

6. I think I would have liked Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Clark Kent if this had been a better film. At times, his performance blows me away, but the movie itself lets his portrayal down.

7. I was severely disappointed by Lois Lane. Amy Adams is OK. But, WHERE IS THE SASSY BADASS LOIS LANE I WAS EXPECTING?!!

8. There are moments that I seem a glimmer of the amazing film this could have been. Moments that leave me breathless, but it’s bogged down by silly, illogical, too dramatic, stupidness.

So, yeah, there’s my midly rant-like list. Hopefully, the sequel is better. I feel like it might? But we’ll see.

To sum up, Annoying music, so long, weird plot sequence, no characterization

Was it worth the watch? No

Would I re-watch? No

Stars: 3/6


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The crow film review

11173709_oriUK release date: 10/6/94

Runtime: 102 minutes

Directed by: Alex Proyas

Starring: Brandon Lee, Ernie Hudson, Michael Wincott

Note: This film is available on Now TV at the time of this review.

You’re thrown straight into the plot with this one. Some films you can throw us into straight away without setting anything up, this isn’t one. It did well enough, but I think it could have been a lot better with a smoother start.

And I found that people’s acceptance of the events a bit far fetched. It needed more plot and a little more characterization, but, all in all, I enjoyed it.

It seems typical example of the these kinds of movies from that era. I would love a remake of this. I think it’d do well.

Something else was that it was so DARK. And I don’t mean the film itself, (but, yeah). What I mean is that I had to turn the brightness on my TV to maximum because I couldn’t see a thing.

I thought Brandon Lee was excellent. I really love his voice. I was genuinely surprised because, to be honest, I was expecting some sort of B-movie. He and the top baddie have such GLORIOUS hair too. I want Brandon Lee’s hair!!

But we all know who was the best actor in this film. I mean, there’s no competition really, is there? It’s the crow of course.

It’s a good quality, fast paced, action filled, film that is easy to watch, despite some filler type scenes that was just a lot of shooting.

To sum up, Entertaining, Flimsy plot, Not much Characterization, Brandon Lee is brilliant.

Was it worth the watch? Yes

Would I re-watch? Yes

Stars: 4/6


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