Emma by Jane Austen book review

Note: All my reviews are spoiler free!


Emma is young, rich, and independent. She has decided to never marry and instead spends her time organizing her acquaintances’ love affairs. Her plans for the matrimonial success of her new friend Harriet, however, lead her into complications that ultimately test her own detachment from the world of romance.

After reading my first Jane Austen book, Pride and prejudice, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I was itching to read another.

Emma continues the style that I loved from Jane Austen’s other work. A style, that on paper, seems like it wouldn’t work, but does. I can’t believe this book is a hundred years old!

I love how complex the plot is. The different characters and issues instead of a straight forward love story.

My only issues were that I wanted more show not tell and more interaction between the characters and I found the ending a little sudden and forced.

I loved the selection of characters and would’ve liked to have known them more deeply. In fact, I think a few of the character’s story would have been perfect for a spin off novel.

I preferred Pride and prejudice to this one, but by a small margin. I can’t wait to read others of Jane Austen and other classics in general.

To sum up, Too much tell not enough show, wanted more character interaction, Love the complex plot

Was it worth the read? Yes

Would I re-read? Yes

Would I read this Author again? Yes

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Pride and prejudice book review


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