Logan’s search by William F Nolan book review


Logan is running again, with the fate of the world in his hands.

Earth is free and at peace at last. But not the Earth on which Logan stands. For him a nightmare has just begun…

In the 23rd century on Parallel Earth your 21st Birthday is your Lastday. Parallel Earth is a dazzling paradise of pleasure and infinite joy.

Here, in a terrifying computerized society controlled by ruthless police assassins, is the world that Logan once destroyed. Now his fate is to live that horror once again.

This is the last the book in the trilogy, and the weakest. It’s a quick read and, like the others wrote in a way that also makes for a speedy read, Yet it does feel the weakest writing of the three too.

Nolan does some head hopping in this book that I’m sure didn’t happen in the previous books.

This third book never needed to be wrote. It adds nothing to the series. The second book felt like a satisfying conclusion and the only way to make this worth it would have been an excellent plot, an engaging story, which we don’t get. Overall, I felt dissatisfied.

The plot is very thin. There for the sake of writing a third book, I imagine. The entire thing seems pointless.

I enjoyed the first two books, I didn’t enjoy this one and it doesn’t need to be read. There’s no satisfying conclusion. All three books are of a similar, short length, but, while the others didn’t feel short, this one did. The story needed expanding much more.

Was it worth the read? No

Would I re-read? No

Would I read this Author again? Yes

Stars: 3/6


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