‘Tis The season book tag!!

@emmathebooklover tagged me in this awesomely, fun looking tag. Thanks for that and you should check out her amazing book blog. You may find a cool new read after reading one of her reviews.

I was also tagged by @rakioddbooks, a lovely person who always has time to chat, (and loves Terry Pratchett like me!)

Alright let’s get to it!

1. Do you have a favourite Winter read?

I love this book, (and the film). It’s a little different from a straightforward Christmas novel. You can see my review of it here.

2. Find a book with a blue cover.

I assume this means on my bookshelf.

This is second in a series of amazing young fantasy novels. Artemis, our main character, is a young, rich, criminal mastermind and add in a bad ass female fairy then how can you not want to read this?!

The first one has a blue cover too, but I’m pretty sure this one mentions Christmas so I figured this was the right choice!

3. Find a book that you’d use as star on a Christmas tree. 

My mind immediately thought of this book, when I think Christmas, I think A Christmas carol. I’d doubt anyone’s not seen the films and a wide majority must’ve read the book. It just exudes Christmas.

4. Pick one Fictional place that would be perfect for a Winter vacation

My first instinct was Hogwarts, it is stunning, but disaster seems to strike that place at Christmas or maybe it’s just because Harry’s there.

So, my choice would be the Unseen University because those dudes clearly know how to have a good time!

5. Pick one fictional character you’d take with you on your winter vacation.

Oooh, toughy. I have lots of favourite characters, but it doesn’t mean we’d get along in real life. Hmmm, I’d have to go for…Oh wow, this is really hard.


Gimli and Legolas are my favourite! The bromance was real. I think I’d be too busy blushing and babbling like psycho to go on holiday with Legolas.

Gimli and I would bond over our gingerness and shortness.


6. Name one book on your Christmas wish list this year.

I recently watched the film and, on discovering there was a book, I immediately tried to discover if there was an English version. And guess what, there is. 

Think Hunger games, but more brutal. I’m looking forward to eventually reading it.

7. What is your favourite holiday drink, treat and movie?

I’m quite plain when it comes to food and drink so you won’t find me trying any holiday specific things.

Drink: The closest would be Tea in a Christmas mug. That I use all year round.

Treat: At Christmas the fight for the strawberry rose chocolate begins. I have been known to secretly open the tin, take them all out and hide them. I also love the green triangles which are from quality street, I think?

They’re the only things I have specifically a Christmas time.

Movies: Now this is a question I can actually answer! I love, love, The Muppet Christmas carol, The Grinch, Jingle all the way and Die hard. They’d be my top Christmas films.

And, the obligatory, Christmas day watch, Zulu, Of course.

Wow, this was really fun. The food, drink and who’d to take on a Christmas vacation really stumped me for awhile!

I tag,




Hope you have as much fun as me if you decide to have a go!





3 thoughts on “‘Tis The season book tag!!

  1. rakioddbooks 20/12/2015 / 8:00 am

    OMG! I JUST posted this tag too lol
    Unseen University sounds awesome, which reminds me… Hogfather!

    Liked by 1 person

    • rakioddbooks 20/12/2015 / 8:02 am

      BTW I tagged you for another tag that will be posted in about two days~


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