Hardcore by Andy Remic book review


In a far future where a Junk alien scourge multiplies across Quad-Gal, Combat K are charged with finding the Junk’s homeland and annihilating the enemy. Mission: a quick SLAM drop to Sick World, a long-abandoned hospital planet once dedicated to curing the deformed, the insane, the dying and the dead. As daylight fades, so hibernation ends. The medical staff of Sick World, the doctors, nurses, patients and deviants, abandoned medical mutation and accelerated healthcare technology; they can smell fresh meat. And Keenan, Pippa and Franco face their toughest battle yet.

You’ll never look at a nurse the same way again.

This is the third novel in the Combat-K novel. I’d bought, added this to my to read list, and started reading this before I realized this fact. Oops.

If you decide to read this series, I can tell you that you probably need to read the previous books. I can’t vouch they’re good because, as I mentioned, I haven’t read them.

At 656 pages, it is a long novel, yet I found it easy and relaxing to read. I really like Andy Remic’s writing style. He’s very good at creating…unique characters and worlds.

But, while I enjoyed reading the writing and the character’s antics, there wasn’t much story. The story happened all in the few chapters. Maybe I would’ve seen more of the story having read the previous ones, but I don’t think so.

The book has a sense of humour and the way some of the scenes were handled made me uncomfortable. Would characters really react like that? It gets more serious in the last few chapters, but I think the tone would’ve been better that way throughout.

Be warned: there is a lot of swearing and description of an…explicit nature.

If written differently this setting, world and characters would’ve made an excellent horror novel.

A lot of elements/characters introduced weren’t used to their fullest which is a shame because they’re very fun and original.

Which brings me to Franco… … … I can’t explain him. I hated him at the start, probably because I’m female, and the way he speaks and treats them is…well.

I don’t mind characters like this because that’s there personality, but it was almost too much and  I wasn’t alone, the rest of the cast hated him too!

I suspect the only person who loved him was the Author. I’ll grudgingly admit that he grew on him by the end…like a fungus.

The villians, bad characters, the crazy ones, however, were not. Not one of them had a deeper backstory or if they did it wasn’t ever explained.

I have a feeling that the next book would just leave this story behind so the threads left unweaved will be left behind, questions forever unanswered.

I would definitely read this Author again, I love the way he writes, but not this series.

If you like action filled sci fi with guns and horror and don’t mind swearing and explicit descriptions then you might enjoy this. Like I said, I can’t vouch for previous books.

To sum up, interesting, but shallow villians, good writing, thin plot, interesting world

Was it worth the read? No

Would I re-read? No

Would I read this Author again? Yes, his writing made me sail through this book with ease despite not feeling enthused by the story.

Stars: 3/6


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