Can you survive the zombie apocalypse by Max Brallier book review


Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Inside these pages lies unspeakable horror. Blood-splattering, brain impaling, flesh-devouring horror. You’ve probably read your fair share of zombie stories. But this time it’s different. No longer can you sit idle as a bunch of fools make all the wrong moves. All hell is about to break loose-and YOU have a say in humanity’s survival.

‘Unspeakable horror’ isn’t exactly how I’d describe it. It doesn’t read scary, more of an action book with ZOMBIES!

I really enjoyed this book and it feels like a deceptively quick read, despite being 384 pages long. Each choice avenue probably takes half an hour or so to read, some quicker.

I read through most, if not all, of them and I was surprise how original each one is. Your main character’s reaction’s are really fun to read and the people he meets are well thought out.

It would’ve been cool if they’d shown hints of what happened in the other choices if you hadn’t gone down that route.

It’s written in second person and very well too. Although, I think I would’ve preferred it to be first person rather than being the character myself, but it is a choose your own adventure!

I would actually read most of the choice avenues as a full novel. This book would be great for writers as the short segments would be quite inspiring for full stories or completely original works.

I’d recommend it for people who like choose it yourself, or are curious, those who like more action based zombie stories rather than scary. This would also be good for those just getting into reading.

To sum up, not scary, fun reads, massive re-read value, well written

Was it worth the read? Yes

Would I re-read? Yes, have done so dozens of times.

Would I read this Author again? Yes

Stars: 5/6


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