Raining embers by Jessica Dall book review


Jessica Dall asked if I would like to read her book prior to release, and, after reading the blurb, I decided I would. She has not bribed me with cookies…unfortunately.

Palmer Tash always follows the path of least resistance. He has an unusual disability involving his hearing. But in theocratic Latysia, being different isn’t a good thing, so he conceals his problem.

Brier Chastain’s malady is even more debilitating, and she often must take to her bed for long periods. Her days are spent in meaningless pursuits as she awaits an arranged marriage.

When Palmer and Brier are kidnapped on the same night, they meet and discover that their so-called disabilities are actually budding powers. They are the incarnations of Order and Chaos. With their country on the brink of war, the two must step into their predestined roles and learn to take control of their own destinies.

Jessica Dall has a masterful way with words, able to weave in description beautifully. Considering there are two main characters, she’s able to effectively reveal their emotions without head hopping.

If I had to choose a favourite character, it would be Rosette, particularly by the end chapters. They were exciting reads.

I felt the story started, and moved a little slow. I felt that the conflict wasn’t in the forefront and the characters weren’t forced into action. Some of the setting up in the first few chapters felt redundant and had me wondering if it was needed. Did it advance the plot? Reveal things we needed to know?

Things start to pick up halfway through the book. Some mysteries are solved and we gain a new mystery or two.

By the last quarter of the book, the action really gets going. The remaining few chapters really pick up speed and you see the writing Dall is capable of. It leaves me with many questions and looking forward to the next book. I feel that the next book, with the setting, premise and characters established, is going to be a really good read.

Was it worth the read? Yes.

Would I re-read? No.

Would I read the Author again? Yes, Jessica Dall has a beautiful way with words.

Stars: 4/6


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