Horror week! Jeepers creepers film review

This is our sixth film for horror week!

UK release date: 19/10/01

Runtime: 91 minutes

Directed by: Victor Salva

Starring: Gina Philips, Justin Long, Jonathan Breck

Unlike a few of the other films I watched for horror week, this one is pure horror. Now, a lot of horrors find it hard to resist the cliché of the college kids, (who are too well endowed and beautiful to be college kids), are in the creepy woods about to do the nasty.

Jeepers creepers resists the urge to be a cliché. Our main characters are Darry, (Justin Long), (what kind of name is that?), and Tricia (Gina Philips). They’re brother and sister, (in the film), and the dynamic between them is amazing. (Tricia is obviously the more sensible of the two as well, just sayin’)

This is a quick, terrifying horror that’ll have you wielding the nearest thing as a weapon when you need to go to the bathroom. (in my case, it was my dad’s shoe).

Once the spooky stuff got going, the reveal felt rushed and the ending itself was a bit abrupt. It did leave me feeling disappointed. But this is definitely a horror to watch for Halloween. Just remember to sleep with the light on.

To sum up, scary, quick, no clichés, abrupt ending

Was it worth the watch? Yes

Would I re-watch? Not alone!!

Stars: 4/6


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