Horror week! Resident evil film review

Our first first film of horror week!

UK release date: 12/7/02

Runtime: 96 minutes

Directed by: Paul W. S. Anderson

Starring: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Eric Mabius, Jame Purefoy, Martine Crewes, Colin Salmon

Resident evil is based on the same game or, rather, inspired from it. From what I know, they’ve taken elements from the games and incorporated them into their own plot.

It steals your breath the moment it and doesn’t let you have it back. It gives you several mysteries to start off with and then keeps throwing them at you. Some are very obvious, but they manage to make them unobvious for as long as they can.

I love the characters in this. Although, I feel the soldiers are sort of playing at it. Eric Mabius who plays Matt doesn’t fit for me in his role, Perhaps, because he keeps reminding me of his part in Ugly Betty and maybe he’s too pretty for such a dark film?

I loved both female leads in this, two strong women that didn’t need your help. Go girl power!

And, of course, we love our zombies!

It keeps a great pace all the way through and not even at the end does it let up. I can’t say if lovers of the games will enjoy this film, (probably not if you’re like I am with book to movie films), but it’s a great action horror.

People who like horror probably won’t be frightened by this, but it’s still enjoyable for its action.

Was it worth the watch? Yes

Would I re-watch? Yes, it’s one of those films that’s easy to watch

Stars: 4/6


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