Macbeth film review

UK release date: 2/10/15

Runtime: 113 minutes

Directed by: Justin Kurzel

Starring: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Paddy Considine, Sean Harris, Jack Reynor, Elizabeth Debicki, David Thewlis

ALL HAIL MACBETH…well, not really.

Now, I don’t really know much about Shakespeare. I mean, I know the gist of most of his plays, including this one, but yeah. So this review will be from fresh eyes, purely about the film.

This film is hauntingly beautiful. It is dark. You’re thrown straight into chaos with the plot. You have no time to catch your breath in this film. The actors are all fantastic and you’re reduced to the brink of tears on several occasions.

My absolute favourite part of this film is the music. I loved the music. Emotions were pulled from me just because of that. It would have been nothing without the soundtrack.

I was expecting this film to be a masterpiece and to those who are Shakespeare fans it probably is.

The entire film is spoken in Shakespeare speech, (or whatever you call it), and coupled with the Scottish accent, I couldn’t understand a word of it. I sat through an entire movie, only with a general idea of what was going on.

SO BE WARNED: If you cannot understand Shakespearian or a Scottish accent, you’re probably not going to understand this film.

In fact, the first half left me bored stiff because I didn’t get a word. The second half is where all the action is and it’s exciting, but, wow, I needed a dictionary or a translator.

The plot, (if we just look at it as a movie), is kind of, ‘what was the point of any this?’ But then, I suppose, it all snowballed from Macbeth’s increasing madness.

This film is probably going to be loved by a select audience, not those just looking for a good movie. All in all, Macbeth is pretty forgettable which is not what I was expecting when I walked in.

To sum up, Beautiful film, gorgeous soundtrack, brilliant actors, difficult to understand dialogue.

Was it worth the watch? No, but others, (who can actually understand it), may find it brilliant

Would I watch it again? No

Stars: 2/6


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